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Armani Trade

Armani Trade is one of the leading companies in the Zenica and Doboj canton today.

At the time of the founding of our company, back then a trading company, in the nineties of the last century, there was a shortage and need for consumer goods. Such a situation has led to the idea of ​​setting up a business to deal with the consumer goods trade. On February 19, 1994, the company Armani Trade d.o.o. officially started operations.

The company is founded by two friends, Anto Jozić and Miodrag Milardić.

First of all, the wholesale of consumer goods is being opened, and soon the retail store which still presents the core business of this company. In addition to the retail network, we quickly became one of the leading wholesalers in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The growth trend of the company continues from year to year.

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Our vision
“Our goal is constant and above-average growth and development of the company, building a reputation and maintaining quality..”
<p>Miodrag Milardić</p>

Miodrag Milardić

The Founder of the Company

In 2002, along the main road M-17 in the business zone "XP Centar", in Žepče, the company invests the first significant funds. On the surface of 3500 sqm, a wholesale facility is built with the seat of the company, where it is still today. For years, with the opening of several retail stores, there is a need for a larger project.

Continuously supporting contemporary trends in the trade as well as customer habits, we decide to build our own trading center. The company buys land and on December 18, 2012, in Novo Naselje in Žepče, we open a modernly designed and conceptualized business facility of 2000 sqm named "Armani Centar".

Within the center today operates a hypermarket, a shoe and clothing store, a hairdresser, a cafe pizzeria and a sports betting shop. With the opening of this facility, 40 new employees received a job opportunity, with an average daily passage of 600 to 800 people.
One of the distinguishing features is cooperation with local farmers from whom we buy items, vegetables, and other nutritional products and products.

Following our needs, and customer requests, in the spring of 2018 in Novi Šeher on the 600 sqm within "AT Center" we open a richly supplied supermarket.

armani trade
“You can be a great manager, not to become a good leader, but you can not be a great leader if you have not become a good manager. - Elwood Chapman.”
<p>Eldar Beba</p>

Eldar Beba

Head of Armani Centar

A new era for Armani Trade

In the period when we have an abundance of 25th anniversary of establishment, we begin two new projects of the total value of 5 million KM (ca. 2,6 million EUR). Immediately next to the existing Armani Center, a land of 5800 m2 has been purchased, where a new business premise of about 1000 m2 will soon be located and modern home for the elderly and infirm with a capacity of 120 beds.

With a total area of ​​3700 m2, the home will meet the criteria of a four-star hotel.